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Beautifully restored ‘Tante’ Ju52 at the Deutsches Technikmuseum, Berlin, 28 Aug 2011.

Beautifully restored ‘Tante’ Ju52 at the Deutsches Technikmuseum, Berlin, 28 Aug 2011.

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Berlin, day 2

Up at 07:00 on a Sunday… must be the jet lag!Weather forecast: 20 degrees & cloudy.

Planned to visit the Deutsches Technikmuseum, so I headed for the train station. Buying a ticket was both easier and harder than I expected - mostly because the stupid ticket machine rejected my cash on the first attempt. To make things even more complex, the train line I was using was undergoing works, with certain sections closed, and when I arrived at my stop, it was also undergoing reconstruction, meaning.. that I headed off in the wrong direction and got lost on my first attempt to find the museum. Re-tracing my steps, I eventually did find it… and it was *wonderful*. So much to see. It’s largely set in a grand, disused 19th century rail station, but has a new building filled with aviation & maritime artifacts (including a beautiful Ju52). The station section contains all sorts of technical history - tv, radio, computers, phones and trains, trains, trains - a huge collection of 19th & 20th century engines & carriages.

After visiting the entire museum, I returned to Gleisdreieck station, and, unable to go back to where I came from due to track works, headed the other way, to Potsdamer Platz.

Potsdamer Platz is still undergoing restoration and renovation after damage caused in WII and the cold war, but I was able to visit an observation deck called Panoramapunkt, as well the Sony Centre and the Film & TV museum. My camera ran out of battery at the latter, so I headed home to charge it.

Late in the day, I took a tram ride on the M13 to see some of the streets of Friedrichshain and eastern Berlin, then stopped for a coffee in Simon-Dach Str on my home.

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Renowned artwork showing a kiss between Brezhnev & Erich Honicker, on the East Side Gallery, Berlin, 27 Aug 2011

Renowned artwork showing a kiss between Brezhnev & Erich Honicker, on the East Side Gallery, Berlin, 27 Aug 2011

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Berlin, day 1

So much for keeping a travel blog! Arrived in Berlin right on time at 10:05hrs on 27 Aug after a draining series of flights from Melbourne. My hosts, Steffen & Andre kindly collected me from Tegel airport and delivered me to the beautiful apartment that I was renting -a loft in a renovated 19th century button factory building in Friedrichshain, in Berlin’s south-east.

The weather had been hot in Berlin for the previous week, up to 34 degrees the previous day, so the apartment was also quite hot when we arrived, even tho the temperature for that day would only get to around 23.

After unpacking, showering, shaving and changing into fresh clothes, I went exploring my new neighbourhood, walking to the nearby cafe strip of Simon-Dach Str, then back to a nearby supermarket to pick up supplies. I stopped to buy a quick lunch at a Vietnamese cafe, but my German was so bad that the guy I ordered from thought I was French! I also found it much harder shopping in Germany than in France, as my German is even poorer than my French, but I managed to find most stuff I needed.

After dropping the groceries back home, I walked down Warschauer Str and found the Oberbaumbrucke, then wandered along the East Side Gallery (outdoor art on remnants of the Berlin Wall), before a sudden heavy rainshower encouraged me to head back home. En route, I tried out the pommes at a curry stand near the station.

I’d planned to go out after dinner, but by 20:00, the long trip was catching up with me, and I needed to get some sleep. 

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“Prenzlauer Berg’s Mauerpark (Bernauer Strasse 47), literally “Wall Park,” is a perennial tourist favorite. Its Sunday flea market and open-air karaoke draw an international crowd.”

Berlin’s Parks: Perfect for Grilling or a Picnic -
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As part of our Berlin city guide, Helen Pidd and Matthew Tempest have plotted their favourite cycling routes through the city, with plenty of stops along the way - from DDR-era dating spots to the largest inland beach in Europe

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From Ballooning to the Berlin Airlift

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Paul Sullivan’s essential guide to the German capital, Berlin.

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August the 13th marks fifty years since construction began on The Berlin Wall (Berliner Mauer) and even though the divider came down over twenty years ago it still manages to be one of the city’s main tourist draws. How does a structure no longer standing affect the city even in its absence? Learn about visible history with two of our favorite Berlin walking tours.

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East Germany’s communist regime built the Berlin Wall overnight, by stealth, on a Sunday in August 1961 when many Berliners were out of town.

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It was once one of the world’s most deadly frontiers but has since been converted into one of the planet’s most fascinating bicycle paths — a green belt that offers a surreal ride into Berlin history.

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Minute of silence for Berlin Wall anniversary→

Berlin on Saturday marks the 50th anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall with a memorial service and a minute of silence in memory of those who died trying to cross it to flee to the West.

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